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fly with me from NJ to CA? eh, eh?

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I'm buying my ticket to CA (northern) soon. Just wondering if anyone wants to tag along for the ride. You can't stay where I am, but we can still hang out while I'm out there.
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I want to go to disneyland!!! :b , too bad I'm nowhere near NJ.
I'll come to NC and fly from there. I want to go to NC, anyway.
Where is Disneyland, anyway?
Um.. no idea.. I only been to one if Florida, since its closer.
Its in LA. The original one, where it all started from! Come and stay free at my place, its a two bed - one converted to office, but will easily fit 4 (6 or 8 for a weekend). Grls in the bdrm guys in the living.

I'll pick you guys from los angeles airport too.

I new to LA I want to see it too.
ahh, but my destination is northern CA.
hopefully before the middle of November.
Yes, go south so you can inhale pure smog and sit in gridlock for days in a horribly overpopulated region. It beats enjoying the natural beauty of the north.
occidental.... and my friend from NC might drive out there and will be in Boulder Creek (?), which I think is near Santa Cruz.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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