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True happiness is loving who you are.

That's the conclusion I've come to. It makes me feel good just thinking that. Why? Because it puts control of my happiness completely in my hands. With this definition, it is the choices we make that determine our happiness. If we make choices that we identify with as lovable, we are on the road to true happiness. Of course we have to be in the mindset that we can actually appreciate our good choices, instead of dwelling on the not-so-lovable choices that other people make.

So all we have to do is act in a way we find lovable, which relies completely on personality. We have to adopt a personality we would love ourselves to have if we could look at ourselves through another person's eyes.

If you are constantly seeking approval from yourself--which is much easier than seeking approval from others, because you know what you want--, then you are not seeking the approval of others. This takes out a big chunk of unhappiness by itself.

So give it a try; earn your respect and love instead of trying to earn it from others.

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Well I almost lost hope in simple happiness, so true happiness is just like a fairy tale for me. The thing is that I am just clumsy failler with all kind of stupid SA problems. And the worst is that I am perfectionist and no matter what I achieve mostly I still feel bad...
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