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Filling a Prescription...

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A bunch of probably stupid questions, but I'm really new to this..

-Do I have to be completely out of meds before I get a refill?

-Do I have to pay anything there? I have insurance, and am completely out of cash and can't find my debit card :p

-Can I get it by myself, or do my parents have to get it for me? I'm in a different city right now, so its kinda out of the question.. I told the doc to call it in at a walgreens close to me.

There might have been something else, but I'm blanking out right now..
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You can get a refill before you run out if you have refills listed on the label. You may have to wait until it is close to you needing a refill, though.

You can ask the pharmacy how much your insurance covers, and if there is a copay.

You should definitely be able to pick up your own medication.
Thank you :)
-Do I have to be completely out of meds before I get a refill?
Your insurance company would surely have a policy about what percentage has to be used before a script can be refilled when they're paying. If it's a controlled substance then you can be sure state law would also have something to say about how soon it can be refilled.

And, no, you don't have to be totally out. After all, it would be unreasonably restrictive and just plain stupid to say that you can only fill a 30-day supply every 30 days, for example. What if day 30 falls on a national holiday when most drug stores would be closed? What if the drugstore happens to be out of your med on day 30? Drugstores do run out of meds, especially exotic ones that they don't bother to even stock unless they have a customer who uses it.
It depends on the meds, if they are considered a controlled substace, you can usually get them a day or two early. Although some places wont. And with my insurance if it is more than 5 or 6 days early on any kind of med sometimes they wont fill it. Those arent stupid questions, how can you find anything out if you dont ask?
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