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Feeling "Special" in Loneliness

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I often find myself feeling that I'm alone in the way I feel and am sometimes surprised to find that I feel a certain satisfaction in thinking I'm the only one that feels this way. Despite the fact that I consciously recognize that I don't want to feel this, it seems there is a part of me that certainly DOES want to feel this because it makes me feel "special." Sometimes I find myself avoiding really reading other posts from people who obviously feel the same way I do and wanting to post a reply without reading those posts in order to keep myself assured in my "uniqueness."

I suspect that others on this forum might find the same thing within themselves. I think we could try to work against this, since this is a means of subtly maintaining and prolonging SA. Are there any solutions you can offer?
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This is a normal feeling and even outgoing people are like this too. Accept this feeling as a part of being human. Don't be ashamed of it. At the same time, realize that it's nice to know that other people think like you. It doesn't mean you're not special, it means you are connected to other people. That's a nice feeling too.
I have no problem feeling special, but I think if we depend specifically on our social withdrawal to make us feel "special," it might cause us to want to stay withdrawn. I'd rather feel special for other reasons. Certainly outgoing people don't feel special for being alone, but for other reasons.
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