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Feeling "Special" in Loneliness

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I often find myself feeling that I'm alone in the way I feel and am sometimes surprised to find that I feel a certain satisfaction in thinking I'm the only one that feels this way. Despite the fact that I consciously recognize that I don't want to feel this, it seems there is a part of me that certainly DOES want to feel this because it makes me feel "special." Sometimes I find myself avoiding really reading other posts from people who obviously feel the same way I do and wanting to post a reply without reading those posts in order to keep myself assured in my "uniqueness."

I suspect that others on this forum might find the same thing within themselves. I think we could try to work against this, since this is a means of subtly maintaining and prolonging SA. Are there any solutions you can offer?
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I think I can relate to that feeling. I've been on medication for my SA for several months now, and I sometimes find myself wanting to get off of it. It's actually been a very big help to me and is the only reason that I recently made a great friend. Though, sometimes I actually crave the lifestyle I had before, where I went everyday without involving myself with anyone else. I feel as if I've almost idealized the times when I kept completely to myself, as if it made me more "special".
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