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the thing is one can only take so much rejection until they become desensitized to it and not even try anymore... but not even attempting as to avoid getting rejected; does not work, because then you feel guilt for not trying. I think the lesson with the fear of rejection is to learn to accept rejection as something that will happen to everyone, you included. You can be a billionaire or a pauper and rejection in some form of it will occur in your lifetime. We play out scenarios in our head about how negative something will be before it even happens ; it's that over thinking that causes the fear. What I usually do is try not to have such high expectations when meeting new people; thinking three steps ahead... either they like me or they don't. There's like 8 billion people in this world, someone has to dislike me. Ive been rejected before and sure it sucks. The person you'd like to meet may not be the one for you; It could be you, it could be them... You will never know til you find out.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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