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Fear my mom may die soon...

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I am so sad. :cry

I just received news that my mom is not doing well on her Alzheimer's medication.

I know I've almost totally lost her emotionally; now I fear I am going to lose her physically.

I miss her wonderful personality so much.

I was lucky to have had such a cool mom for 80 years, though.

I just want to cry and cry and cry; I have already binged today. It helped a little.

Star :cry
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Star I am so sorry that you're going through this........
I pray to God I live to be at least 80, where most of this is in acceptable health, that means all the more time I get to watch my daughter;-). As a mother yourself.....What you want most, is to watch your child grow, see that they have a family of their own, that your child is happy;-D to see your grand kids........You're (oops, glad I reread, I wrote NOT in there!!!) happily married;-D your Mom got to see your daughter;-) in that manner, she's a very lucky women, and probably quite content.
While I don't know your Mom's personality............I'm thinking at this point in her life............You know what she would want.......Respect, dignity;-)
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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