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Favorite songs to listen to when depressed or anxious

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For me it depends. But here are some- RHCP-My Friends,Soul to squeeze- Rolling Stones-Paint it black-As the tears go buy-Mothers little helper, Floyd-Why wont you talk to me, comfortably numb, Speak to me, breathe, on the run, Another Brick in the wall parts 1-3, Crazy, Wish you were here,etc-Alice in chains, man in the box,almost any of their songs-Soungarden, Black hole sun-Audio Slave, Show me how to live- I think thats enough I have many more, some make me feel better, others just go along with my mood.
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Love this song makes me happy and i always sing it outloud.I just love his cover. :D
I've got so many, here's a bunch. Really soothing.

Others, to avoid spamming.

As artists, I'm a big fan of Progressive Trance artists like Shingo Nakamura and Dinka.
depressed moods are to be filled with fun and smiles so more to songs that make me more upset I watch Funny videos that lighten the moment for me.......
I love listening to Daughter's music :)

Their songs are something I can relate to and they make me feel vulnerable to my emotions.
Hurt by Johnny Cash
Sad Violin by Ji PyeongKyeon
Everything Will be alright by the Killers
Truman Sleeps
Tired of being Alone by Al Green
Sally's song by Amy Lee
Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
Hurt by Christina Agulara
Resentment, Listen, Scared of Lonely by Beyonce
Colorblind by Counting Crows
Illuminated by Hurts
Demons by Imagine Dragons
Lost ones by J.Cole
Drugs or me, pain, by Jimmy Eat World
Heart Beats by Johnnyswim
Right here by Justin Beiber
How to love by Lil wayne
One Last thing by Mac Miller
Unintended, Cree, by muse
A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke
90210 by Wale

......Got carried away but I love them all so much.... :blush
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Wow, this forum has an awesome taste in music compared to what I've seen.
The depressing stuff I love:
Pink Floyd: Every song on The Wall.
Nirvana, petty much all of it.
Evanescence and Three Days Grace. (I love the album One-X) They are both almost always sad. Green Day has some good meaningful stuff too.
Simon O'Shine & Sergey Nevone - Apprehension

Sasha - Xpander

I listen to Death Grips when I'm disgusted with everything.
'Stray' from the anime Wolf's Rain. Almost gives me a spiritual feeling.

Maybe not quite an utterly depressed mood, but when a mixture of melancholy and nostalgia wash over me:

Placebo and Alcest are perfect to cry to. I listened a playlist of all Alcest and Placebo songs on repeat (it was about 15 songs long) more than 5 times in a row once during christmas break, and kept crying on and off.

Matthew Good Band- Apparitions
Jimmy Eat World- My Sundown
Jimmy Eat World- Clarity
Taking Back Sunday- Cute Without the E (Cut from the Team) (Live at Orensanz)
Smashing Pumpkins- 1979
Circa Survive- Birth of the Economic Hitman
Fall Out Boy- It's Not a Side Effect of the Cocaine. I Am Thinking it Must be Love

Also the entire "Loveless" album by My Bloody Valentine.
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