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Favorite songs to listen to when depressed or anxious

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For me it depends. But here are some- RHCP-My Friends,Soul to squeeze- Rolling Stones-Paint it black-As the tears go buy-Mothers little helper, Floyd-Why wont you talk to me, comfortably numb, Speak to me, breathe, on the run, Another Brick in the wall parts 1-3, Crazy, Wish you were here,etc-Alice in chains, man in the box,almost any of their songs-Soungarden, Black hole sun-Audio Slave, Show me how to live- I think thats enough I have many more, some make me feel better, others just go along with my mood.
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You have very good taste in music. :p

I don't usually listen to one song but rather a cd(s) of a favorite artist when I'm anxious/depressed. I have many but I find myself usually listening to Linda Perry (her solo stuff or with 4 Non Blondes), I love her voice. Also Crooked Fingers, Alanis Morissette or Ani Difranco.
thanks toad licker. By the way, what is it like to lick a toad? I here the ones down south are pretty wild! I like a little alanis morrisette and some sheryl crowas well.
Some good tunes guys. Hey, how do you post a song from youtube on here?
Nameless and fluffybunnyfeet, thanks for the advice, I am going to try this soon! Later
Here is a positive one.-Kansas-"Carry on my wayward son"-. It gives me hope!!!
That is a good tune.....Love it!!!

Poker Face by Lady GaGa
I'm so obsessed with this song, it makes me want to get up and dance!!!!!!
Dance away!!!
I also like Korn-"yall want a single"
thanks fonz:)
here is another of mine:
nobody said it was easy - coldplay </3
sad song...
Nine inch nails - hurt

This performance of it is amazing, gives me goosebumps every time, Trent Reznor has suffered with social anxiety and depression himself. I love the way his voice cracks during it

great tune, but i like the cover better, check it out:

When anxious, I like to listen to either of these to get the healthy kind of adrenaline flowing:

When I was depressed, which I fortunatly haven't been in a long time, I liked to listen (and sing along) to these a lot:
Good stuff man. Good lookin' out postin' the don't approach me video. been awhile since i've seen that. it always helps to give me a little boost when i need it. I've kind of got myself off track and am trying my best to get outta the gutter. It's tough.

I wanna thank everybody for posting in this thread and sharing your music! Not everybody has that same love for music that we all seem to share. Here's one that I haven't heard in awhile and will listen to as I'm posting it:
Whoops. Here's the song: Ozzy and Em:

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