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Favorite caffeinated drink

  • Coffee

    Votes: 21 35.6%
  • Tea

    Votes: 10 16.9%
  • Energy drink/Soda

    Votes: 24 40.7%
  • I drink caffeine Pills

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I hate caffeine

    Votes: 4 6.8%
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How do you prefer to get your rush?

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i love coffee. but these days i don't bother with making it and my mum only buys instant (gross), it is also not as convenient to drink and not that appetizing in the warm weather.

which is why i often prefer energy drinks. i've had to seriously cut down lately because i've developed mild arrythmia from my long-term excessive caffeine intake. :/
here are my favourites:

beaver buzz: 188mg of caffeine per 8.3oz. or if i want the no calorie version, 120mg of caffine. i would get this kind the most often as it's sold in most places, it's the smallest and cheapest ($1.99)

jolt: the cans are pretty big (24oz), way too much to carry with me. and i've only found them in a few places but for 99 cents, with 220mg of caffeine. pretty sweet and i'll occasionally stock up when i'm at that store to keep at home.

redline: the most EPIC energy drink ever. 320mg of caffeine per 8oz bottle. it's not carbonated which i prefer and it doesn't taste too bad. i try to hold back from drinking it all at once, since it carries a very long list of warnings on the bottle: "not recommended for those with psychiatric conditions, on medication, with caffeine-sensitivity, under 18, mixed with alcohol", etc. that's how you know it's ****ing hardcore ****. it's also pretty rare to find (only found it at one 7-11 location)

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I drink soda, but notice no effect. The 35 mg of caffeine that is typically found in most sodas produces no effect that I can notice.

If one really wants caffeine they can buy a bottle of caffeine pills at Walmart for under $3 -- which works out to 3 cents for each 200 mg tablet.

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I rarely drink anything caffeinated, every once in a while I'll drink a pop but that's about it.

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No coffee is like sleep. :)

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I drink Coke pretty much daily, coffee I love but not in summer.

For caffeine, I drink energy drinks. I like the taste of Nos the best (grapefruit), but I'll usually get a stronger drink like Full Throttle or Amp.
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