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facing fears

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i nearly had a panic attack today on the train, i can see how anxiety is going to get in the way of everything, was excited for uni but now, im dreading im goinna end up dropping out, becoming miserable.

it's going to stop me getting to know people that i really want to get to know and are trying to engage with me. this was confirmed today. extremely depressed by it. /;

what should i do? i was thinking buy nausea tabs and b-blockers (propranolol doesnt work and its the only theyll prescribe for sa, hurrah) so im more relaxed at least and just keep working at 'it'? tho id still be shaking and twitching it would ease some symptoms...

im such a ****ing cliche
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well if there notgonna give you the drugs...

what affects you the most is your mind.
if you think you're alright, you will be.

if you're clutching onto the handrail for dear life, yeah you'll get yourself to vomit.
it's something you have to practice--- controlling the direction of your mind.
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