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I just started a page and haven't added any friends yet because I'm still wondering about how privacy works there.

If have my privacy settings to "friends only". Does this mean that other people who view my friends will see that I am that person's friend? I don't want anyone else to know that I am someone else's "friend" unless they have access to my page.

In case this was unclear: If I add friend "Bill" as my friend. I don't want anyone who views Bill's list of friends to see that "Humiliated Guy" is Bill's friend.

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Yes. If a friend of someone else looks at that person's friend list, they will see you on it - but not your page, only a small picture (if you have one) and your name, at minimum and a small picture, your name, your networks, and your friends, at maximum. You can set the settings to show the minimum yourself.

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Kelly :)
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