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I highly recommend it . Take yourself to a bar and dance . I've seen old men do it , and they're highly respected by the staff for getting out there .

Trust me .... I'm far from an extrovert . People constantly ask me if I'm 'alright' every time I sit down and take a break from the dance floor . I must look kinda sad , even though I'm only staring into the Blank .... which happens to me naturally .

I'm so in Love with the bar scene .

I honestly don't care about the Girls anymore . Wrahhhh ... I'd hate to think that I've come off as desperate .

I just wanna rock out . All eyes on me .

I'd hate to tell them that I'm a loner during the day though . lol . What do i do . I can't just go and fetch some friends in a hurry .... let alone a Partner . meh .. what do i do ....
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