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in addition to exposure technique or "desensitivization", experiment behaviour is one of the most powerful techniques against social anxiety, it's incredibaly effective, and is generally complementary to "exposure"

First Step: identify problematic situation in a conditional way: (when i disagree with a friend, he'd be angry at me".
second step: do the experiment, and get rid of your safety behaviour (in this case: try to disagree with your friend" and put your assumption on the test
Third Step: write down the results of your experiments, what was your friend's reaction?, did he get angey...ect
Fourth Step : Conclusion: is your initial assumption truthful, or the more logical thought (when i disagreed with my friend, he reacted in a positive way).

these are very simple steps, though very effective....and as Shad Helmstetter said: "if it's not simple, it won't work"
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