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I have only a few days left of exams but I'm kind of worn out. I feel guilty because I have sort have been passively studying this weekend instead of my usual intense hardcore studying. I'm so like blah I don't even care about my remaining two exams anymore. I think sometimes I even do better in exams when I go in sort of having "free for alled" studied.. Sometimes I try too hard and I think that can be worse for me sometimes, if that even makes sense. Usually I'm so organized with my study notes and now I'm just studying random concepts in no particular order at a slow, glacier like pace. I'm acting like I'm going to go write a test for some measley boating license or something lol.

Blah I don't know I feel so guilty though, like I should be ashamed.

Exams are the worst feeling in the world but as soon as you finish it's like the best feeling in the world. I love exams and I hate them.
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