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Reason why I'm asking is because I'm just not feeling the results so many other people boast about.
I wasn't really into junk food, but I never deprived myself of sweets either (haagen-daz nearly every day, nutella in the morning, occasional soda, sugary cereals, etc. basically, sugar overload nearly everyday). I'd eat out occasionally too, but I always avoided the fast food joints like McD's or BK. I cooked for myself alot, ate lots of veggies/fruits, etc.
I've had SA since I was about 13, and I feel depressed or demotivated 85% of the time (lack of energy, fatigue, etc.). I also slept a lot, and don't exercise as I hate sweating (but I walk or take the bus everyday).

5 months ago: I've become *very* health conscious. I've drastically cut my sugar intake, avoid foods with too many carbs. I've switched to extra dark chocolate, cut the fruit juices, the caffeine, and avoid junk food like the plague. I eat more raw veggies/fruits and snack on nuts. Occasionally, I'll let myself have an ice cream bar or a frapp, but I rarely eat out now since I can't control how my food's prepared or what's really in it.
My lack of energy's still there, and although I'm not as fatigued as before, nothing's changed for me. I'm not experiencing the oh-so-great results of clearer, glowing skin (my face is a war zone if you know what I mean), or the increase of energy and mood lift. Tbh, I usually feel deprived when I can't binge on my comfort foods like I used to when I'm having a really bad day.

Has anyone been through this and overcome it, or am I just doing something wrong? I know people say exercise has helped them, but it's always been pure torture for me since I just feel like **** when I do it.:|

Note: Also, I'm not looking to lose weight or anything. I'm doing this because of the health benefits and those other "awesome results" I just don't see.
eat complex carbs every 3 hours and this will have a dramatic effect on your energy levels.

complex carbs release energy slowly therefore when you have them every 3 hours you will never have a dip in energy

the best complex carbs are yams, sweet potatoe, potatoe and oatmeal. other good sources are brown rice, wholemal pasta , whlegrain bread

the best diet plan to follow is this :

meal 1 - complex carbs, protein and fruit
meal 2- complex carbs ,protein and fruit
meal 3- complex carbs , protein and veg or lettuce
meal 4- complex carbs , protein and veg or lettuce
meal 5 - complex carbs , protein and veg o lettuce
meal 6 - complex carbs , protein and veg or lettuce

and drink at least 2 cups of water with every meal
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