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Diet can't fix everything. It's great that you have managed this and its really a big achievement so you should feel proud, but I don't think it's the magic bullet that will fix all problems. You do need to exercise as well for the "feel good" benefits like increased serotonin. Maybe you should just force yourself through it as an experiment. There must be some things that are more interesting than the gym like dance classes or a sport or whatever. If you still don't feel better after a few months of exercising, maybe you should go to the doc, because the low mood and energy sounds a lot like depression. Maybe you also need some meds for you skin. Differin is good for clearing up really persistent acne, and it's great because its just a cream so you don't get too many side effects like some acne meds cause. The traditional wisdom is that diet doesn't effect acne (although I have read some articles that say otherwise lately...)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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