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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about essential tremor. I've done some research and I think I may have it.

I am seventeen years old. For as long as I can remember, I've had really bad problems when speaking in front of a large group of people or giving a presentation in front of class. My voice would be shaky and my hands would, too; it has happened almost every time I've given a presentation in high school.

I have usually not had problems making friends or being social with people. However, if I'm talking to someone I have a crush on or feel intimidated by, I get really shaky and my mind almost goes blank. I feel like an idiot. This has happened a few times.

The "tremor" has always been constant. However, it was usually so slight that I didn't notice it and it didn't bother me. It only became noticeable when, like I said, I am in an uncomfortable social situation. Also, when I'm holding something like a piece of paper, it becomes more noticeable. It also becomes worse when I'm hungry (my blood sugar is lower). The problem is, the tremors have gotten worse recently - very noticeably in the past year. The social anxiety tremors are about the same as they have always been, but my tremors at other times are worse, and they have started to make it harder for me to write, type, and use my iPhone touch screen. I know this is a problem with older people but I don't know anyone my age who has this issue. Apparently it is very rare.

I have done some research and I don't think these are symptoms of Parkinson's Disease but I am not 100% sure. The symptoms sound like they are much more related to something called "essential tremor" but unfortunately there is not much information on the net about essential tremor. I've read beta-blockers will help but I don't know what the side effects would be since I don't have high blood pressure. I will probably go see a neurologist soon.

Is there anyone here who knows about essential tremor? I'd appreciate any responses.
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