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It's gotten really nice out, and I really want to go out and enjoy it, but I can't make myself go. No matter what I'm doing alone, I feel like everyone is watching me.

If I'm with someone else, I'm ok, but there's only one person I could go with and we only see each other a few hours on a weekend, and she doesn't want to go out during that time.

I've forced myself to go to the park before, but I walk around one loop and then I feel too anxious to do anything else, like everyone is staring at me and wondering why I'm alone, and head back to my car immediately. I've forced myself to go to the beach alone, during the colder months when no one else is around, but I still feel anxious. If I encounter someone else alone at the beach, I feel anxious, even though they're there alone, too! Like they have a legitimate reason to be there alone but I don't. Even if the nearest person is a speck in the distance, I still imagine that I'm being watched through binoculars! It's ridiculous.

What can I do alone to enjoy the weather? If I go to the park and read I'd probably feel more comfortable, since that's something that people normally do, but then I'd worry that they were looking at the book cover and judging me for what I'm reading. :D It never ends.

What other things are there? I feel comfortable going to grocery store or whatever, since everyone does that alone, but I don't know what there is outside like that.
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