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Few days back i was encouraging a fellow anxiety-sufferer on facebook chat to engage her self in work at home jobs. She was complaining that she was dying of lonliness. So, i told her to look for legitimate work at home jobs on the internet.

Anxiety sufferer are creative people if you ask me, every bad thing also have the good side. I am web developer. I learnt all my programming skill from home.

Today, i make money at home and also teaching other people how to make money as well.

So, don't just be lamenting about the attack instead take advantage of the fact that you have all the time and start doing something.

Who knows one day some of us will come out with great discovery like Bill gate and Google. So don't limit yourself or give up on the situation.

"For every storm there is a reason"
God knows more about the problem more than we know .

Thanks and happy New year from Chucks
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