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this is one of the funniest movies ive seen and its a kids movie. i went on a bus trip to some city to see a football game and they had this movie on in the bus. i was laughing the whole way through it and noone else was laughing, it was embarassing. every1 in the movie thought will farrels character was a mental patient or something.
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It's a great movie! I saw it just a few days ago.
Elf is hilarious I own that movie and I will be watching it every christmas.

i was laughing the whole way through it and noone else was laughing
That reminds me of when I went to see "Kung Pow" at the movie theater and I was the only one laughing. I seriously couldn't stop laughing when watching that movie.That was the longest and hardest laugh that I had ever had in my life while watching a movie.
that was funny when the girl was singing in the shower and will was sitting in bathroom singing :lol
That movie cracks me up hysterically.. I just love Will Ferrel in that. Oh, and you're not alone on Kung Pow!
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