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I indentify as having Female Aspergers, which is an as yet unofficial and milder version of the current Aspergers.

Google it, and/or Tania Ann Marshall for more info

But, I recommend just reading about Aspergers traits, like 'mindblindness', egocentricity, Theory of Mind ...and consider how these may be linked somehow to social anxiety -even if just in terms of enabling you to become more aware of certain characteristics that contribute to your social anxiety!

Apparently children under eight cannot take another's perpective. By the time we are teenagers we tend to all have some aspects of self consciousness, believing we have an 'invisible audience'. Both of these are egocentric perspectives.

People with Aspergers have trouble taking another's perpective. ...perhaps social anxiety sufferrers are similar or less developmentally behind but still stuck -maybe at the teenage stage.

My point is that I have noticed this character trait of difficulty with Theory of Mind and Perspective Taking or egoccentricity or Mindblindness in my self, relatives and friends who I also notice have social difficulties and trouble with empathy.

There are some helpful tips also at a blog by a psychologist if you google the words : Hidden Autistics. See

For example, using active listening if ever you feel overwhelmed socially, can take the focus off of the self and lessen any sense of threat or inferiority.

I am also practicing a meditation designed to increase skills in emotional management - particularly the skill of being able to switch focus (another difficulty on the ASD spectrum) and not get overly absorbed by any feelings but being able to have a strong feeling without resistance/getting stuck in a feeling whilst dissasociating or shutting down regarding what's around you.
This free meditation course, called The Emotional Toolkit' can be found at

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