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Are you easily annoyed?

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Easily annoyed?

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Are you easily annoyed?

Almost never.
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I put down sometimes. I get easily annoyed when I havent had enough sleep.
Sometimes, depends what's going on........... Like, when I'm stressed and have no one to choke the %$#& out of!

Becky, I like that picture!
Only when people ask me if I'm easily annoyed. :b
I used to get off the roof annoyed at everything. Lexapro/benzos has calmed this down big time.
Almost never. I'm a calm, laid-back person for the most part. It takes quite a bit to upset or annoy me.
I picked almost never. I only get annoyed if I am really really tired.
Sometimes. There are certain things people do that irritate me. I guess I'm more of an observer so I pick up on those little annoying habits people have. For example if someone is standing around jingling the change in their pocket or tapping their fingers on a desk...little things like that can be very irritating and annoying to me if done in repetitively.
AnxiousAmelia said:
Are you easily annoyed?
Yes, always. I live in a world of morons & dumb ****s who annoy me endlessly with their incompetence & stupidity.

You guys might have noticed by now that I get easily annoyed.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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