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Has anybody else been watching this on the news? The sheer magnitude and the impact of this is almost unbelievable, with over two million people left homeless, sleeping outside in the cold. And some of the images are just heart-wrenching. I saw this little girl on tv, her body was mangled and bent she had so many broken bones and was bleeding internally. Her parents were watching her die, unable to do anything. A doctor was there but there was no anesthesia, no instruments for surgery, nothing. I couldn't help but wonder how God would allow something like this to happen. Especially to the children, who are really too young and innocent to be guilty of sin. So many kids were dead and layed out covered in sheets. There is so much suffering in the world. I know that God is real, but sometimes you have to wonder how he could allow such things to happen.

I know about free will, and I understand that we are in a fallen state, but sometimes I think, if God is all-loving, then why wouldn't he do something anyway? Or why would he even make us knowing we would chose wrong since he is all-knowing? Wouldn't He, in some way, be guilty then of causing some of the suffering we endure in this life? I was taught that suffering is a mystery, and we do not understand why God allows certain things to happen, but sometimes this explanation doesn't seem like enough. We are also told of cases were someone is miracously cured of cancer, or some other terrible disease, so apparently He does intervene at times. Then why wouldn't He help people like that little girl in Pakistan?

I know these are very tough questions, and I'm not expecting hard answers or anything. Just wondering if anybody else has these kind of thoughts sometimes. If anything, it could probably make us stronger in our faith to ponder these things.

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I was taught that suffering is a mystery, and we do not understand why God allows certain things to happen,
Suffering is not a mystery. God explains to us through the scriptures that the first couple in the Garden of Eden were happy, obedient, and had everything they *needed*. But they *wanted* more. So they disobeyed by eating of the tree for which God said do not eat. The Devil lied and said that they would be like God knowing good and bad and claimed that God was withholding something good from them. So they ate of the tree in which they were forbidden. It goes on to explain that because they sinned that we inherited their sinful course and which also would lead to death, etc. If they had obeyed they would have lived forever because that was God's purpose to fill the earth with obidient, happy people but because of their actions we are suffering. (See Genesis)

It's like if you had a pan with a dent in it and you cooked some bread in it, wouldn't that bread you baked also have a dent because it was produced from that pan?
So too with the first human parents who in effect passed on that "dent" to us, sickness old age, death, injustice, because of that too the earth suffers disasters due to mankinds abuse which can cause abnormal weather, etc, I hope I have not offended or anything but we can find that that there are not too many mysteries if we do research. There is even a scripture that says that God is a "revealer of secrets".

However, there exists a God in the heavens who is a Revealer of secrets, Daniel 2:28
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