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I thought I may as well bring this up, since to me it seems very relevant:

I was diagnosed with developmental dyspraxia in childhood, this condition affects both motor-skills (such as co-ordination, balance, etc - I cannot walk in a straight line, am always dropping things or missing things I reach for...etc etc) and social interaction, in that dyspraxics often resemble those on the autistic spectrum in social situations, and are also known to have a habit of interpreting figurative langauge literally (I do this, I remember in school when the teacher would ask the class to do something, and I would do what they said, whereas everyone else, without exception, would do what the teacher meant).

Dyspraxia also has a very high co-morbidity rate with a whole range of conditions - meaning that if you have dyspraxia you have a greater chance of having one of the conditions with which it is 'co-morbid'. Apparently there is an 80% chance that a dyspraxic will have at least one of the conditions dyspraxia is co-morbid with - this is a very high rate. One of the conditions is Social Anxiety Disorder - hence the two are related.

I also find that they are linked in that dyspraxia exaccerbates the issues with social anxiety, as it increases the amount of social blunders that I make - misinterperting what people say, etc. Furthermore, the slightly odd walk, repeated loss of balance etc, do not really help with the sensation that everyone is watching and judging, because really, they quite often are.

I guess this is more of an article than a thread, as there isn't much that can be wrote in response, but I still felt it was worth mentioning.
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