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Dysfunctional Workplaces

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One thing I've learned is that even in the best work environments, small pockets of emotional and mental disease can develop, usually when too much power gets shifted to an abusive person or group. In many cases, this psychic rot spreads quickly throughout a department and sometimes an entire organization. It leaves the people whose livelihood depends on enduring this negativity day after day, stressed out and sick. It continues to add up until we've become a victim and/or a contributor to the problem.

Ideally, you can find a place where you can surround yourself with a strong enough network of friends that allow you to maintain a healthy perspective and weather such instances without getting blindsided by them. I think it's particularly important when conflicts arise, that we don't get caught in the trap of assuming that WE are the problem, that there's something wrong with US and that we should change to fit in, when it's entirely likely that we may be subjecting ourselves to a diseased work culture.
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Oh definetly there are some places to avoid working at. I have been temping for the past 4 years and the past two i have also started my own business. I would love to work strictly in my own business but temping is a necessity for now. Anyway, I have worked in some offices that the people are so overworked they are stressed right out. People want to do a good job but when they are over worked it is not always possible.

Places that have dated equipment, disorganized systems, or tyrants running the department are all things that i've encountered that seem to stress the employees out. Most of the time what i encounter though is a place where things are not running smoothly and no one is prepared to deal with the problems. That just drives me nuts. If something is not working well or creating problems for employees - find a way to fix it! Brainstorm, talk to the people, ask for thier input and ideas. A lot of companies just continue doing the same old and expect employees just to deal with it. It is like no one is willing to take the lead these days.

On the other end i worked at a place where i was a people count and nothing more - to fill the budget so they'd get funding for temps in the next year and not needed. I sat most of the day bored stiff and hating it.

Anyway my goal is to one day be totally independent in my company and not have to temp.
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