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Dysfunctional Workplaces

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One thing I've learned is that even in the best work environments, small pockets of emotional and mental disease can develop, usually when too much power gets shifted to an abusive person or group. In many cases, this psychic rot spreads quickly throughout a department and sometimes an entire organization. It leaves the people whose livelihood depends on enduring this negativity day after day, stressed out and sick. It continues to add up until we've become a victim and/or a contributor to the problem.

Ideally, you can find a place where you can surround yourself with a strong enough network of friends that allow you to maintain a healthy perspective and weather such instances without getting blindsided by them. I think it's particularly important when conflicts arise, that we don't get caught in the trap of assuming that WE are the problem, that there's something wrong with US and that we should change to fit in, when it's entirely likely that we may be subjecting ourselves to a diseased work culture.
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I left a very toxic workplace when I started a new job at the end of June. I worked at the old place over five years. I had been trying to get out of there for over three years, without success (not for lack of trying; I bombed in more job interviews than I care to remember). It was especially hard because I was literally the odd man out. My supervisor and co-workers were all middle-aged women, in a very small, relatively isolated department. I never felt like I could fit in, especially with my "problem" and always felt excluded. There were always weird, petty little interpersonal politics going on between everyone. The stress of working there often made me literally physically sick.

I now work in a more diverse (age and gender-wise) and spread-out workplace. I've had some bad days, but overall it's nowhere near as bad as my old job.
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