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A young man sits beneath the sky
As the stars shine bright from on high
His eyes are closed, he tries to see
What the perfect woman would be
He sees a smile beaming bright
And eyes that glimmer full of light
A pair of arms to hold him near
And touch to take away all fear

Then suddenly this dream comes true
It comes to life right before you
This angel is the one you saw
The beauty that is without flaw
One touch takes away any doubt
That she’s the one you dreamed about
One look at that face makes you see
You are blessed and very lucky

Now our lives have changed directions
Leaving us with just reflections
Of that past love that we have shared
And thoughts of how much we still care
These memories still bring me joy
Like a child with a new toy
I try as best as I can to cope
And cling to that feeling of hope

She was the dream I saw back then
This vision will come true again
Then the wait will all be worth it
When into my arms she will fit
Into her eyes will I then gaze
And hold her tight for days and days
Then when she says she loves me still
I will all of her dreams fulfill
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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