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I have a new Team Lead and hes driving me up the wall. Before, with my old Lead I essentially had complete Autonomy to choose which machines to bring in and fix. Sometimes he would suggest one, but I was nearly always already doing it or it was on my to do list.
This guy though, Constantly on me to do this machine or another. It doesn't help that I think the ones hes picking are stupid.
Yesterday he had us start doing a machine that needed a major component swap done, an hour before we had to cut out. I had to leave it half baked for day shift to finish. I felt bad, but he wants me to do this stuff.
Its pretty simple too. Do the major jobs first thing so if there are complications we have all 11 hours to fix it.
He calls on the radio constantly as well. "What's your location?" "What unit are you working on?"
I shutoff my radio today and still couldnt get away from it.
He has start working on this unit just before break. Start tearing into it, then go to our 15min break.
Come back from break, and I go straight to the parts rack and begin gathering supplies.
He stops me and asks, "What unit you working on?"
I just about blew up. Im thinking, "Are you serious?"
So I said, "You just told me to work on 325, Im working on 325." Then I started walking away.
"Oh, ok, thats fine." (??)
So I was pissed off all day and avoided him. Kept my radio off, and just did what I wanted pretty much.
Hes a cool guy too, but I can't stand working under him. He ordered in pizza and invited a few (4-5) people to eat it, including me. I was so pissed off I didnt want anything to do with him, so I went to the lunch room, as normal.

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he'll probably chill out if he's just worried about messing up at a new job... or get worse if he's simply a nag and you keep ignoring him.

i'd probably try to hint that i can handle myself. don't sound pissed if you do that though.
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