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I feel exactly the same way. In fact I was thinking this today about myself. That I don't even know who I am. I feel so disconnected from my body and my mind. I struggle everyday to portray a constant human being. I know it's probably normal to have an 'identity crisis', but there are so many young adults my age who seem so confident and happy with who they are.

There are a few things I could say to someone about myself if they asked. In terms of values and morals, I don't really have strong feelings about anything. But I am finding as time goes on, I'm developing stronger opinions about things.

I sort of used to like who I was when I was younger. But at the same time, I feel like I wasn't really that person at all, because I'm different now, and it felt like an identity I put on for my friends and for others. I'm the type of person who crumbles at the sight of criticism. I crumble even when I think someone is thinking something bad about me.
I got put in a group project for my elective, and I asked one of the girls through a facebook message if she read the book for the class, and she said "ya I did"... I felt like crying because when people say "ya" to me instead of "yeah" or "yea", I feel like they are being b*tchy and are signalling that they are annoyed by me and think I'm stupid. So now I'm really anxious about this group project. Is that normal?

I guess my whole point is even if I have an identity, it's so easily crumbled, and reshaped to suit whatever situation I'm in, and usually people can see the 'fakeness' or the desperateness, and crumble me even more.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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