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Does anyone else REALLY hate tipping?

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Hey I'm as generous as the next chick and I truly appreciate what those in the food industry have to deal with but I hate tipping. I tend to avoid fancier, sit-down style restaurants where a tip is either mandatory or expected but lately the guy I'm (kind of) dating always chooses one of these places to go so it's irritating me more lately.

I'm not demanding, I almost never need a refill (I hardly drink anything when eating), never complain, don't get dessert or appetizers, so the waiter/ waitress has nothing to do but bring me my 1 plate, That's it! Maybe it's because what you're "buying" with a tip is intangible (great service cant be held in my hand), or that I'm saving for school right now and this chips away at that, I'm always worried I won't leave enough or will leave too much (yeah I know 15%), I worry are they judging me?

What about you guys, how do you feel about tipping?
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I'm very glad we don't do it down here.

Pay people a decent wage instead.
Serbia is a **** country,but at least u never have to tip anyone xD
You have a valid point there. If you think about it, most of the time, waiters don't really do anything "beyond the call", so to speak, or anything that should warrant bonus pay from every customer. Maybe if they were exceptionally nice and helpful, but most of the time they're just making the rounds doing their job. They should be expected to provide quality service, regardless of whether or not they're getting tipped.

Some people say that "The companies pay them below minimum wage because they expect tips to cover the rest". Well, why should we be forced to pay up because the company wants to push that over to the customer? At the same time, I've heard some decent arguments for tipping. Here's an interesting scene from the movie "Reservoir Dogs" about tipping,

We don't tip in New Zealand. I don't get the idea behind tipping, why don't they just get paid a fair wage?
In NYS, minimum pay for a waitress is $5 (but if they make under the minimum wage in total, you have to make up the difference in their paycheck.) So, they make minimum wage regardless, but to make a good wage, they're relying on you. If someone treats you with respect, I see no reason as to why you wouldn't want to tip them. Like it or not, it's customary in the US to do this. If you don't want to tip, go to McDonald's.
I learned that US restaurant prices, as compared to similar establishments in England and Wales, are much less expensive. With the tip, we end up paying about the same.

Edit: and minimum wage in NYS is $8.25.
the reality is that employers don't take responsibility. even if it's mandated, it's difficult to enforce, and it just doesn't always happen
It doesn't, which is why it's important to tip in the US. Like I said, you end up paying about the same prices for meals as in other countries - at least in England in Wales. Chain restaurants force waiters to combine tips, sketchy restaurants don't meet minimum requirements if they can get away with it. The bar I work in is honest, though, as are many in my area. And these are complete ****holes, I promise. Pay here is $7 plus keep tips, so they end up making about $13-15 an hour when business is good, $10 when it's bad. (That article is a bit outdated, by the way.)
I note that Ikea in the USA just announced they will raise the minimum wage they pay their employees:

"Ikea Will Pay Its Workers a Living Wage"

I think the days of ridiculously low minimum wages in the US are numbered. Tipping will probably follow after that eventually.
"Hawaii Raises Its Minimum Wage to $10.10 an Hour, Strikes a Big Blow Against Tipping"
the guy I'm (kind of) dating always chooses one of these places to go so it's irritating me more lately.
You're dating a guy that makes you pay for the meal?!?
How in the god damn mother ****ing hell is he able to pull this off?

Is he an underwear model that's thirty years younger than you or something?
I seriously can't wrap my mind around this. I can't believe that any guy anywhere in the world can be so good with girls that he could date them and make them pay for the date. How does this not violate the laws of physics?!
...I need to go for a walk or something before I smash my computer looking for a sharp piece of metal to slit my wrists.
"Tipping Is an Abomination. Here's how to get rid of it."

"When wealthy Americans brought home the practice of tipping from their European vacations in the late 19th century, their countrymen considered it bribery. State legislatures quickly banned the practice. But restaurateurs, giddy at the prospect of passing labor costs directly to customers, eventually convinced Americans to accept tipping.

We had it right the first time. Tipping is a repugnant custom. It's bad for consumers and terrible for workers...."
For any Americans interested in reading the experience of a Californian restaurateur who got rid of tipping in his business:

"What Happens When You Abolish Tipping. I got rid of gratuities at my restaurant, and our service only got better."
I don't, but I always get confused on how much I have to tip, and it's annoying to pull my calculator app out on my phone and figure it out.
I don't, but I always get confused on how much I have to tip, and it's annoying to pull my calculator app out on my phone and figure it out.
I just move the decimal point over one spot and double it. I give them 20 % because like other people have said they rely on tips to make a living.
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