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As Aleforge has said, be as honest and open with the doctor as you can. You have to remember that they have heard just about every situation imaginable, and it is their job to help you. I'm sure they will be caring and understanding, and, if necessary, they may well refer you to a specialist. Just remember that all of these people are there to help you.

I myself had to go to the doctor a few years back about something which could have turned out to be life-threatening, but fortunately turned out to be a much lesser problem. I took so long to build up the courage to go to a doctor (stupid, as if it had turned out to be more serious, I was putting my life in danger), as I felt embarrassed, and scared of talking with a stranger, but it all turned out fine. The doctor was very caring and helpful, and the specialist I was referred to was also the same.

Try not to keep anything back from the doctor as they need to know as much as possible in order to give you the correct help you need. They aren't going to judge you or be horrible to you (though if they do they are being negligent in their job, and should be reported for it), and i'm sure they'll give you the help you need.

Good luck tomorrow, Delicate :)
Ditto. I put off going to the doctor for years and put my life in serious risk. I knew something was wrong and ignored it until I couldn't any longer. I'm fine sharing my story but I won't because it tends to make people uncomfortable. Anyway I look back and I kick myself for having waited so long. Please do not put your health at risk any longer. Doctors are there to help you and will not judge you.

Best of luck and congrats on taking this first step :)
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