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Do you usually buy ..... at the grocery store?

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you say whether you buy the above item normally and then pick the next item

i will start

Red Wine
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No, I try not to eat anything unhealthy.

Deli meat


Ping pong balls for the betta fish to stare at and push around?

Those ant bait traps, you murderer you.
No, the poison gel works better. :sneaky: (Judge all you want! They'll take over my kitchen in the summer if I don't use it.)
Those biscuits in the can that pops when you open it?
Can't eat them now because of the carbs but I used to love to eat them raw right out of the can.

(On a side note. I had ants taking over the kitchen last year and finally found the crack they were coming in from behind the refrigerator. It was the seam in the corner on the baseboards. I filled it in with glue and had no more ants. It could be anywhere but it is probably a pretty good sized opening if you're getting a lot of ants. And it will probably be close to the ground because they won't go any farther than they have to to get in)

Sometimes. Not usually.

Cheddar cheese?

21 - 40 of 2121 Posts