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I've been working at this place for a little over a year. Everyone is cool and arguments with me and coworkers are pretty much non existant (there are occasional ones here and there).

The problem is, every time I come back here at the beginning of the week, my anxiety is through the roof. The people I work with everyday are cool, but they are more the popular type, which I'm cool with don't get me wrong, but I always feel the need to either stay by my cubicle, or not say sh*t when I go to the mail room to do the mail, which is where they mostly are. I sometimes crack jokes if I can't resist, but most of the times I just shut up, which makes things so awkward. I mean I like talking to people when im in the right mood by nature, but I don't know why my anxiety acts up so much around them.

At first they always tried to talk to me, and get me to talk, but after a while, they stopped trying. Now I'm perfectly cool with that, because I know how awkward I can make sh*t. We are still cool and talk every now and then, but it's just so anxiety provoking.

There is another group that I work with. They are
pretty nice as well, and are really cool. I talk to them too. My anxiety also acts up around them though, animi just don't f***in know why! I could be good for the whole weekend, no depression, nothing. As soon as I wake up Monday morning, I need some tobacco in my lungs because I feel stressed. The people are all cool, but I know it's just me. I'm thinking about looking for another job. The pay is pretty sh*t and I need a second job anyway. I don't know if I should tough it out while getting a second job, or look for another one even though I really need money right now and this is stable, and I'll probably need a second job anyway. Any thoughts?
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