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Ok I am going to Atlanta in a couple days over night with a friend for a concert. Im excited but also nervous a little. I guess because i dont know how many other places we might go besides the concert. This may sound absurd, but im more nervous about maybe having to drive some cause this is like a four and half our trip. My friend wanted me to take my car because it would be better on gas than her truck, and i dont mind but i asked her if she would drive. I drive ok in places im more familiar with but i have never been to Atlanta and i dont do well driving with someone else in the car, it makes me drive even worse than alone. She said she didnt mind but i will probably drive some to keep her from driving the whole way up an back. Ga i guess im crazy but driving makes me so nervous sometimes. im just not great at it. Do you guys get nervous when faced with a long trip and maybe having to drive in unknown areas? Do you find it easier to just let a friend drive. Im really smart but my reflexes are that great driving. I feel like my friend might think there is something wrong with me for not wanting to drive. Do any of you deal with similiar situations?
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