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I notice the last weeks i have interesting SA-related dreams now and then. I always wake up with this feeling of having an insight, or strong motivation to start doing something about it.

For example last night i had a dream of me spending a sunny afternoon at the lake with a cousin of mine , she then introduced me to these 3 friends of her who passed by. She whispered to me 'hey look she is single look how beautiful she is' and when i saw her, she was indeed gorgeus, a really beautiful girl, the sweet girl of my dreams :) (the irony). Besides being a total beauty she was the succesful type, with a big house, good degree, high paid job, great social connections, etc.. . My cousin introduced me to each of them three, and then started to say good things to the beautiful girl about me, like trying to 'spark things up' and giving hints that i am single and she is too.:)
Due to my shyness i didn't say much for 5 minutes, just sat there smiling silly at her, but the girl still seemed to like me and was smiling and looking at me and giving compliments the full 5 minutes, my cousin had done a good job of trying to couple us up.:)
I was amazed how interested she was in me despite my shyness and bad social skills, such a beautiful, confident and succesful women never seemed so interested in me before.:D
But then after 5 minutes, i was still really silent, shy, and started to behave a little awkward.
I then saw her losing some interest and my cousin was hopelessly trying to 'keep the vibe up' between us, but she started looking away and look bored.:|
I totally felt mad on myself for not being outgoing and having this shyness, and feeling bad for making my cousin dissapointed (as far as i remember this was a really good girl in the dreams and my cousin definately wanted her to be a couple with me).
The minutes went by and i just sat there awkwardly while my cousin and the rest of the girls continued to talk, i got more and more dissapointed in myself and thinking 'Why am i so stupid, i am missing out the girl of my dreams, if i was a little more confident i was with her now'
Then out of sudden i stood up and said 'hey im out cya another time guys' and feeling really unconfident and awkward.
Then i woke up kind of pissed off at myself, but a good kind of pissed off. The kind of 'I'm gonna do something NOW about this social anxiety, i don't want to miss out on these kind of things anymore!!'
This dream kind of made me realize what a big part of life, opportunities and happyness i am missing out with social anxiety.

A few weeks ago i had this other SA related dream, where i went back to school, well in a new school actually, and it was like in my younger days.
I was so excited about the first school day.
I went to school on my own without knowing anyone there.
I was so comfortable and excited on the playground with all those kids i didn't know around me.
I was wearing my own style of flashy dressing and shoes, feeling totally cool and comfortable, just like back in the days..
I remember walking around really relaxed, and easly talking very chill with my new school mates, and everyone finding me cool and getting all the attention.
Then i woke up and realised i am not the person of my dreams anymore :| :no
I kind of realised how much worse i am now, and really find it strange to think i've changed this much, and can't be the same confident 'cool person' even around a big group of strangers like i was before.:|

Damn these dreams arouse strange, mixed, yet familiar feelings ... :blank

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sounds cool! i also have those type of dreams sometimes. i once dreamed i was ultra confident with everyone and such. =)

anyone else got something to share?

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I have these strange dreams sometimes. I dream about being back in school with every person from my past. And then everyone starts picking on me, throwing stuff at me etc.
I usually wake up from these dreams while getting beat up by these people.

Keep in mind these people never beat me up or anything while I went to school. But my damn brain doesn't know the difference it seems.
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