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Do you beleive in past lives?

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Reincarnation. what are your views on it, do you beleive?

I don't know if reincarnation is true, but they have some very convincing stories, like this one woman who has always had a fear of swimming, or going near water, she visited a man who specialized in past life regression therapy and recalled her life back in eygpt as a young boy dragged under the water by a crocodile and drowned.

I'm just curious about this and wondering if anyone can share their views on this.

I'm going to do this exercise tonight that supposedly you can get in touch with your spiritual side and it can help you change.

I don't really consider myself spirital, but it all seems so interesting and beleivable because some of the amazing stories of people, also, you can see the similiarities between president lincoln and president john kennedy i coudln't beleive how much they had in common.

this is the website ... eincarnat/

check it out if you want :popcorn
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Hey wishful thinking,
I just saw this thread..
and had an inkling to reply..

I am now a Christian, but in my past ,before I found the truth thru Jesus, I believed in the whole reincarnation stuff, karma, and all the Budha beliefs...

and have myself gone on past life regressions..its very convincing..but today I believe its wrong..

and against Gods Commands..

just a couple of my thoughts..thats all

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yup..very Interesting!
thats for sure.....

I was so messed up at one time.. I really believed,
that if I killed myself, I would go on to the next level of life..

thank God! He came into my life....

debs... :yes
scared stiff wrote:
I find it incredibly interesting and im really getting into the spiritual stuff.
ya it is, I was into alot of it, into I realized their is no hope and love in it..
and was all about money...
then I became a Christian....

and found the Truth..

just my view

God bless
I dont think I ever saw that movie..."Defending Your Life"
always love a comedy..those two sounds like it might be good:)

as I mentioned before in this thread,
I WAS very much a believer
in Past lives..

I had gone a at least 3 past life transgressions under a hypnotic
it was really amazing how the mind can trigger different scenerios
that incorperate a past life, to you fears in this life..scary also...

but I will Praise God, for pulling me out of that pit,
and bringing me into his light..

just some more Random thoughts...

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1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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