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I was just searching up on other things my Mum has told me I have.
She's told me I'm slightly autistic and I have physical dyspraxia or dyspraxia but I never feel I have the confidence to talk about these with her or anyone so I'm not sure about the symptoms or how badly I have these disorders.

And I was just wondering if I might have Social Anxiety

I'm really bad with new people

I find it hard to keep eye contact in conversations with people I don't know a lot.

In some situations, my neck tightens up and I can't move it and it gets worse when I try to stop it and then my head twitches a bit.

I shake enough that people comment on it even when I don't feel nervous but it does get worse when I'm nervous.

When walk I feel like people are watching me when I walk I feel like I'm walking weird and it feels worse when I think this.
I feel like this guy but my arms feel stiff and my legs feel weird
I worry about my left arm not swinging as much as my right and I consciously try to make them swing evenly.
Awkward's the word I'm looking for

When I feel people are watching me or when my name's read out I start to sweat a little and I feel hotter.

I sometimes walk with my head down or I cross the road when someone is walking the opposite way.

People have said I'm miserable and should let loose. They've also said I look so uncomfortable at times.

I don't get any of this as much when I'm with my friends.
I play xbox alot which doesn't help my confidence or social skills

Sorry but I found putting this in words was slightly difficult

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No one here can tell you if you have SA, you need a professional - it seems you are experiencing traits. Read a bit more of the site and you will learn a lot. All the best

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