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I was listening to a podcast a few hours ago, and a stand up Comic, Jay Mohr, was talking about a time when he was on Saturday Night Live.
He would suffer from panic attacks and had to take Klonopin. He described it as worrying about nothing and making it something big. That's all that I do.

24/7 I have to distract myself from being in my own head, because I'll constantly go back to things I've said or done in the past and go "Why did I say that? I'm an idiot" or "People are going to talk about me" because Of something I did.

I have to be constantly working, or doing something. Video Games and Comedy have encompassed the last 3 years of my life. I'll end up running out of work to do around the house, or in my life, and I'll turn on Opie & Anthony and play Xbox. Going to school is extremely hard too. It's hard to focus on any of the work because I look at it and I'm just like "This is completely pointless, I don't need this" and my head will end up wandering, and I have to talk to people. Going to sleep is also impossible, because I end up thinking about the past again.

There was a period of time where I worked out, and I was completely dedicated into it. Weightlifting became a huge centerpoint, behind standup Comedy (If you're reading and care, I want to do Standup as a career.) I weightlifted for 3 months and It was the only time That I felt completely relieved from everything That I was talking about.

I can't weightlift anymore however, as our school has the Gym closed off.

I came here before the doctor, because I want to know if I have it, in case I look like an idiot going in there.
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