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Well, some of you know might remember me and my whole sweating debacle. I've been on various benzos and have found that .25-.50MG a week of KPIN helps me at work. It was a miracle. However, the WITHDRAWALS were painful. I would feel a lot of anxiety, even at such a low dosage, on my work week, I would feel them going home, especially driving home.

Last month in November, I had my annual check up to get more KPIN, and proceeded to ask the PDOC for Propanolol again. Granted, this was the first medication I tried b4 my venture w/ Benzos.

Since then, and giving it another shot, the Propanolol has helped. I understood the medication. My weekly dosage entails 10MG at the beginning of the week, and then .50MG for the work week. On weekends, I'm clean of the drug.

So far, so good! I can feel the difference! I've only used the benzos in extremely stressful work situation, but the switch over to propanolol has really helped me.
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