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Distance Ed

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good college that offers distance education? I've heard that most of them are scams, even the more popular ones. Anyone have any personal exp. with online schooling, or know someone who has tried this?
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I had a good experience with Bellevue University. Don't take anyone's advice about what is or isn't a "scam". Check it out for yourself. (Lots of people are dissatisfied with their colleges, but when someone is dissatisfied with an online school, they immediately call it a scam and do a great deal of damage.)
Well, in Indiana, there are a few good Distance Education colleges that I have taken part in. There is Ivy Tech and IUPUI (Indiana University/ Purdue University Indianapolis) which are both community colleges but have great programs. Ivy Tech is only about $80 a credit hour which is VERY reasonable! Indiana University also offers a good Distance Education program. All of these are accredited colleges.

Other than the Indiana ones, I haven't really heard much about the others. But if you are outside of Indiana, you may still be able to enroll in them. Here are the addresses:
The college I go to, Southwestern Community College has a variety of online classes, but no degrees are offered online yet. I've taken about 7-8 classes online and have only had a bad experience with one of them and that was because the instructor was horrible.
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