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So I've been diagnosed with SA since I was a teenager, but recently I've also been diagnosed with depression, hypochondria, and general anxiety. The depression caused me to be unable to work so I quit my job. Recently my 'case worker' recommended that I try a disability employment center. I was very skeptical as I've never considered myself as having a disability, but anyone with depression and/or anxiety does qualify as disabled.

So I go to this place not expecting much, but once I talked to the guy, he said that half of his clients are people who struggle with issues such as mine. He made another appointment and is probably going to hook me up with a decent job that I'd have little to no hope of finding on my own. Having a bit of education definitely helped me, but even in the absence of that, they offer a lot of connections for funding to go back to school and general employment opportunities.

I highly recommend that anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression to look into their local disability employment center because they'll probably be able to help you.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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