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In the U.S. it's called, "DVR" The division of vocational rehabilitation. I've worked with them and I came to the conclusion, they don't exist so much to provide people with disibilities work, as people with disibilities exist to provide them with work.
I thought some of them were nice, some of them not so much. Some of them tended to have a bias against their clients. A bias a typical person of the street has, something like, "people with disibilities are lazy. That's why they're unemployed," not very professional.
I have to admit though they helped me get a job. Unfortunately, it was 100 miles from my house and it was minimum wage and surprise, surprise, I got fired because I couldn't do some of the heavy work.

That's my experience with DVR in the U.S. anyways.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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