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My uni offers an online counselling service over skype which im tempted to do.

In the past ive had CBT 4 times including group therapy and family therapy and nothing helped in the slightest.

What is the difference between counselling and CBT/seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist?

Im doubtful it will help but because it's over skype rather than in person im thinking i might get more out of it because i can express myself better online.

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Okay so you might have heard this before, but it is ABSOLUTELY the truth.
If you go and see a psychiatrist, they will hear you out, assess you, and then push some sort of medication on you. It happened to me, and here I thought I'd get much better, more professional advise from the psychiatrist.

I FAR more prefer a therapist or counselor, because this is where you can go to actually talk out your problems and be heard, rather than silenced with medication.

This is the difference, plain and true, and I've yet to have someone tell me otherwise. If medication is ultimately what you want, head for the psychiatrist. Otherwise stick to an every day counselor who can get to know you and help you talk things out.

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Psychologists are very busy and they do a lot of testings and screenings and such.
Psychiatrists are kind of like "okay, let's figure out what your problems are and why you're having those problems, and let's also get some meds to help you."
And therapists are the ones who are like "okay, let's sit down and find a way to work this out together"
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