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Signe Dayhoff suggestes asking these 4 questions "efore reacting to the substance of the behavior, thoughts, or feelings."

  • Is it helpful to getting what I want?[/*:m:194c6]
  • Is it true?[/*:m:194c6]
  • What is its overall impact?[/*:m:194c6]
  • Would I be acting this way if I didn't have [SA]?[/*:m:194c6]
I think asking these 4 questions whenever you are thinking something negative can really help. What do you think?

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To clarify, the book says (this is on page 104, by the way):

"...Look at our behavior , thoughts and feelings the way an objective, nonjudgmental person would."

This is important; you need to try to have an outside view of yourself.

It's amazing how much this can help. For example, I often say to myself and others, "I have no friends."

Is it true?
No, it isn't. I have many friends. Online, there's (name), (name2), and (name3); they all care about me, as far as I know. I also have friends offline, including (name5), (name6), and several upperclassmen. I might not hang out with them all the time, but they are friendly and helpful.

Is it helpful to get what I want?
No, it just makes me pity myself and stops me from focusing on bettering the relationships I already have.

What is its overall impact?
It makes me less willing to try to make new friends, because it makes me think all my previous attempts have failed.

Would I be acting this way if I didn't have SA/SP?
I doubt it. I would "hang out" with the aforementioned people more often, so it would be more apparent that they are my friends. I would talk to the three online people offline, and I would have three great relationships.

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