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For the last 2 weeks I have started to develop an automatic yes response to social situations. I read this somewhere, (I think this was on this forum but maybe not). So yeah if there is an event planned, i´ll be there !!!!!

Anyway I thought since I have SA I will put myself in as many social situations with as many new people. Instead of feeling shy all the time I will try and conquer my fears and give things a try.

Alot of avoidance in the past has only made the situation with my SA worse.

From my past pattern of thinking it seems that I always found a negative style of thinking: Everyone knows these on this forum.

For example you have being invited soemwhere ( it doesnt really matter where) but then the mind starts thinking: I wont know anyone there, or its too far, or the weather is like crap, or its too expensive, or don´t feel like sozialising.

Of course I am not implying that everyone has to be social all the time and do lots of things.

Of course this takes time when years of negativity and avoidance have played a strong part. BUT i think thats why its so hard to change because negativity causes a rut and then its really hard to climb out of this, to push forward.

Just wanted to see if others had tried this. Always going to a social situation no matter what. It feels good to be busy as well, then i find that I have less time to mope around the house and feel sorry for myself.
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