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Despite my many problems, I still love life

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I’ve had a pretty miserable hard and lonely life because of my mental health problems, but despite them I’m glad to have lived and to go on living.

I love driving in my reliable little Japanese car to Johnsonville while listening to cheesy power metal on the car stereo and then enjoying a nice Big Mac combo at Maccas for lunch, all by myself.
I love curling up on the couch with my blanket and my wonderful big screen tv and binge watching an addictive tv show; getting lost in a world of Vikings or the horror of characters trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse.
I love a nice warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning when I’m still feeling groggy, how it gives me a little lift to start my day.
I love it when the sun is out and feeling the warmth of it on my skin and how my home city looks more beautiful when it's sunny with all the native bush and birds singing away.

I love walking and just feeling how my strong healthy legs handle the task with ease.
I love the buzz that comes from travelling, waking up in the morning in a cheap hostel and then heading out in to the crisp morning air for my first day of exploring a new city I’ve never visited before and getting lost in it.
I love just spending time with my dad, mum and sister and cracking cheesy jokes and discussing politics and the ills of the world.
I love grocery shopping filling up the trolley with all that tasty nutritious food to be enjoyed later.

Despite my many years of suffering from mental health issues and god knows it’s been really awful at times, I’m still glad to have experienced life. Glad to have felt the sun and wind on my face on this wonderful jewel of a planet we live on.

Better to have had a hard life than never have lived at all, I take joy and happiness where I can. It’s the simple pleasures that make life worth living.
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Just keep taking it one day at a time. And before you know it, you will realize once how far along you've come.
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