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Hi there!
I currently am on 1mg of clonazepam twice daily/as needed and 0.5mg of lorazepam for bedtime to help with nighttime anxiety...the problem is, I can feel tolerance building to the clonazepam- unless it's just not working (though it seemed to help with certain social anxiety aspects in the beginning) and the lorazepam isn't working at ALL for help with my night anxiety/insomnia. and the side effects are the worst (short term memory problems, increased depressed, mood swings)

anyway, I just moved and have to go to a walk in clinic (i've never really had my own GP) and I am nervous about inquiring about more long term anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids. I experience extreme social anxiety/borderline agoraphobia and I have had a sudden recurrence of extreme anxiety attacks (I used to have full blown panic/anxiety attacks as a kid- but, undiagnosed. my parents never "believed" in doctors")

I just don't know what direction to take. I'd like to keep a benzo for my anxiety attacks/extreme cases...but I don't want to go into a GP and be asking for an upped dose of a benzo and longer term med and insomnia aid. Is there any medication that has helped someone in a similar situation? I'm very nervous about going on an anti-depressant because the idea of weight gain gives me great anxiety as well.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a complete loss as to what to do and have no family support in this.

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