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So I'ved always loved listening to deppressing music (The Smiths, Elliot Smith, early Evanescence music) and I even wrote a thread on how I like feelling depressed, which is kind of an oxymoron. So heres some research I found: the mood and the lyrics of a song can become so relatable that they become comforting. People project there own problems and situations and they get the feelling that the artist understands them or at least went through something similar. And in that sence the music can actually be comparable to having a friend who's there for you. It might not be a perticularly good therapy but it definately works. Download the file below and tell me what you think:

1) Go to this link and download file, click save file:
2) Right click downloaded file and click extract here
3) 1 video and 2 songs of Morrissey!
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