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Last week I did a presentation at work, in English.
I felt this was a major step for me.
Now, I’m not from an English speaking country, and while I think my written English is pretty good, my spoken English lags behind a lot.
This is possibly due to my years at high school. I spent some years of high school in the US, and it was a very difficult time for me, socially. The stammer which finally disappeared from my native language a year before, came back in full force when I spoke in English.
I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to practice English since I came back, so ever since then I was afraid to speak English.

But now, despite all this, I did a whole presentation in English, at work.

My department head and the project leader said that I presented the material really well!

And even though he said my slides were a bit too much, the project leader said I explained the material well enough orally that he understood everything without reading the slides!

Me happy :D
I also feel like I laid a demon that’s been haunting me since high school to rest.
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